Trekschen Engineering Limited is an indigenous Nigerian company which was conceived  in  2015. The firm is borne from the passion and drive to bring innovation into the soul of engineering, mostly in the developing nations in Africa and beyond consequent upon the dynamism which characterizes civil works today.

Our engineers are comprised of intelligent and experienced individuals drawn from high profile engineering based institutions within and outside Nigeria. Our engineers are distinguished by their proficiency, efficiency and versatility in the use of the latest technologies available today for engineering works. We employ the full potential of computer programs and technology to take engineering to the next level without compromising the basic theories pivoting engineering today. With these, we are able to create photo-realistic and geo-referenced models of civil engineering projects; roads, buildings, and allied infrastructures at greater speed and accuracy.

We grasp the right way to leverage the versatility of 21st century computer programs within the ambit of civil engineering to create models in the context of the existing environment and craft stunning proposals that guarantees satisfaction of our clients.

We pride ourself for employing only the best technical resources from the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to provide the best feasible service for our clients. Our clients are our most valuable assets. We know that the only way to meet their needs is by delivering good quality services.

Legal Status

Incorporation number

Date of incorporation

Place of incorporation


: Incorporated

: RC 1319058

: 29th February, 2016

: Abuja

: Union Bank Nig. Plc.

Professional affiliation

Technical Members of our company are professionally registered and certified by the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and Council for Regulation of Engineering Practices in Nigeria (COREN). In the same vein, the key resource persons in other fields are also registered with the different bodies acting in those fields.

Professional Associations

Our company has developed professional associations with a number of progressive professional engineering companies in the built environment with different disciplines and complimentary experiences to form a constructive relationship that allow our engineers to provide comprehensive and unmitigated professional services. Our range of services include all types of civil engineering related projects namely infrastructural design, watershed management, analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, geotechnical investigations, survey and architectural designs.

Vision Statement

We strive to establish ourself as the preferred service provider for the provision of consulting, training and construction services in civil engineering infrastructure works and allied industries. Furthermore, we aim to bridge the gap between the engineering work approach of yesteryears and that of the 21st century through organized special trainings of the technocrats on the latest technologies in civil engineering works. Above all, to transform into a multi-national engineering firm.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide sustainable and appropriate technical solutions with positive social and environmental impact, thus ensuring value for all stakeholders.

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